Don Geronimo Mark S Allen Having Fun with the Robotics Team

Watch as Joe Griffin proudly shows off Phorcys to Good Day Sacramento. Of course, no good demonstration would be complete without a mock mission!


Competition Video 2011

Watch the Phorcys in action!

First Run:

Second Run:


Jesuit Robotics Team Video 2010

Jesuit Robotics Team Video introduces our team and everyone and everything about it. Now featuring mission video, and fancy techno music!


Jesuit Robotics Teaser 2008-2009

Prepare yourself… The Eripio is coming. Here’s a nice little preview of what’s to come.


Maker Faire 2009

What do a wooden dinosaur skeleton, a solar panel on wheels, R2D2, and ROV’s have in common? There were all displayed at the 2009 Maker Faire! In this video, the Jesuit Robotics team reminisces about their trip to a festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.


NURC in the News

NBC gives a snapshot of what the NURC competition is all about.


NURC 2009 Mission – Fire Under the Ice

Mission video for NURC 2009. We must take these challenges, and build an ROV that can execute them. We will then go compete at about 3 in the morning, having to complete these challenges in under a half hour.


Jesuit Robotics Team Video 2008

We’re the Jesuit Robotics team. You’ve probably heard of us… and if not:

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