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Jesuit Robotics ROV Pilot Training

Jesuit Robotics has put together an impressive ROV Pilot training video. This video will be able to teach all young ROV pilots what they need to know to pilot their own ROVs. If you follow our AMAZING piloting program, you can be just as cool as we are, and pilot your ROV with style! Go View ROV Pilot Training!

Jesuit Robotics Lab is back in Order

Jesuit Robotics spent today finishing our lab cleanup. We installed new industrial shelving units, rebuilt our network, ,set-up dual monitors on two computers, and played with our new lathe.

Jesuit Robotics is now updated for the 2009 season!

All of the Jesuit Robotics website has been updated for the 2009 season! Changes include: New Icon (see your url box!) New Theme (it’s our teams colors now!) New gallery (pictures of the 2009 season!) The people page has this years staff. We have our logo uploaded and embedded in our site header! Our blog is fully iPhone capable (the…

Jesuit Robotics Lab is getting Redone

Our robotics labs is getting all cleaned up for the new season! Today we cleaned out all of our supplies in preparation for a workbench area to be torn out. We also cleaned up our website. It’s basically our early christmas gift to ourselves.

NURC Champions

We are proud to announce that we received First Place at the NURC Competition High School Division. We are also proud to announce that our website was voted third in the website ranking.


We have arrived at Chandler High School and we are working on getting the robot unpacked.  We are also working on a live video stream from the competition for tomorrow.  Stay tuned for further information…

In the Airport

We are in the airport.  After trying to get a drill past airport security, we are about to board the plane, minus the drill…